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Season 4

Walking in the Sunlight (9/10)

Things can change: Tilia (Proshad Madani) has her back against the wall. Chief Inspector Frantovsky (Doris Hintinger) holds her responsible for the accident that killed her ex-date Leopold (Michael Rast). And she must try to secure her place at the top of ORF. Connie (Selena Graff) can't hide her happiness about this, but she doesn't really look happy. Lucas (Aaron Karl) feels the same way and finally gets his revenge on Jana (Tanja Raonic) but doesn't get to enjoy his victory. Meanwhile, Karl (Harald Windisch) and Otto's (Robert Balfrader) mother Anna Czerny-Hohenburg (Marianne Ment) makes herself at home in Wunderburg, wooing her sons. Carl doesn't feel noticed, and Otto finally wants to become king of the Wunderburg faction with her help. Business coach Picea Richard (Monica Reyes) is good at putting it out there — so everyone in the weather department gets their money's worth. Moritz (Ferdinand Seibacher) gets a sobering assessment, while he actually supports Lucas, Mottle (George Rauber) and Sandra (Natalie Allison).
Mit ua: Proschat Madani (Tilia), Robert Palfrader (Otto), Aaron Karl (Lukas), Selina Graf (Conny), Harald Windisch (Karl).
Image credit: ORF/Hubert Mican

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