Wanderin fell to his death while fleeing from a bear

The mountain rescue team was able to dispose of the animal. The 31-year-old hiker's companion was unhurt.

Hiker dies after fleeing brown bear in Slovakia A 31-year-old tourist from Belarus fell from a great height down a slope and sustained serious head injuries, a police spokesman said. TASR on Saturday. This was determined by a forensic pathologist.

The woman's companion ran in the other direction after the encounter with the brown bear on Friday evening and was unharmed.

The man informed the emergency services. It was initially thought that the brown bear may have directly attacked the woman.

When mountain rescuers arrived, the wildlife was still nearby, the emergency services unit said. “Fortunately, the bear was chased off with the help of a service dog, screams and a police officer firing a warning shot,” a spokesman said.

Up to 1,200 bears in Slovakia

The accident took place in the valley Demanovska Dolina Near the Jasna Winter Sports Center in the Low Tatras, Carpathians mountain range. The Bear Response Team of the State Wildlife Service (SOPSR) was on its way to investigate the incident.

According to studies conducted by the State Nature Conservation Institute in collaboration with scientists from Charles University in Prague, there are about 1,000 individuals in Slovakia. 1,100 to 1,200 bears live in the wild. They usually avoid people if they notice them in time.

If a surprise encounter occurs, or if female bears believe their cubs are threatened, they may also attack. It is not yet clear whether it is a boy or a girl at this stage.

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