Weightlifting: Upper Austria shines in state weightlifting championships

The Upper Austrians had impressive victories at the state weightlifting championships as part of the Sport Austria Finals in Rum.

RUM. Jakob Weber (Union Lochen) won gold in the general class with a weight of 73 kg, followed by Sky Tapbeiner (64 kg), Victoria Hahn (76 kg), Hmayak Misakyan (81 kg) and Sarkis Martirosjan (+109 kg, all VÖEST Linz) . Silver medals were won by Julian Maderecker (49 kg), Petra Turter (59 kg), Stefan Moser (67 kg, all Union Lochen), Jonas Klinger (73 kg), Klara Franek (81 kg, both VÖEST) and Patrick Turnberger (102). won Kilo, Runshofen). Bronze went to Emmanuel Chatlauer and Florian Hofwimmer (102 kg, both VÖEST) and Iris Fischer and Benjamin Nesma (both Union Loesen).

On the second day, Hmayak Misakyan (VÖEST) was a highlight with a new Austrian record in the 152 kg snatch. In the fight he reached a total of 317 kg.

In the women’s 71 kg category, Alina Novak (Vösendorf) won with 190 kg over Victoria Steiner (KSV Rühm) at 179 kg and Lena Bauer (Badenner AC) at 178 kg. Lena Reidel (Union Lochen) finished sixth at 159 kg and second in the U20 ÖM, while Jessica Stousianu (Lochen) set a new record in the dual at 151 kg.

In the 89 kg category, the 30-year-old Carinthian from AKH Vösendorf won the fight with a weight of 302 kg. Luca Modre (SK VÖEST Linz) confirmed the U20 European Championship limit with 292 kg.

In the 96 kg category, the 20-year-old athlete Eliza Simburger (Barbell Tribe Cross) set two Austrian U20 records with weights of 145 kg and 148 kg. Luca Modre reached the U20 European Championship limit at 292 kg and finished second. Benjamin Nesma (Union Lochen) finished third with 266 kg.

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In the men’s 102kg category, defending champion Patrick Turnberger (ATSV Ranshofen) was unable to reach his full potential due to an intestinal virus and managed only 283kg. Matthias Perik (North Vienna) won with 301 kg, and Florian Hofwimmer (VÖEST) took third place with 253 kg.


49 kg: 1. Anja Steidl (SC Harland) 118 kg.
55 kg: 1. Elizabeth Riegler (SC Harland) 140 kg
59 kg: 1. Verena Vakulik (Vösendorf) 146 kg
64 kg: 1. Ski Tapener (SK VÖEST Linz) 176 kg
71kg: 1. Alina Novak (Vösendorf) Mutt 190kg for U23
76 kg: 1. Victoria Hahn (VÖEST Linz) 184 kg
81 kg: 1. Stephanie Waldkircher (Badenner AC) 165 kg
87 kg: 1. Daniela Prishing (SC Harland) 135 kg
+87 kg:1. Sarah Fischer (ACU Krems) 235 kg


55 kg: 1. Michael Moderbacher (SC Harland) 127 kg
61 kg: 1. Franz Kaluska (Loosdorf) 140 kg
67 kg: 1. Bernhard Legal (Vösendorf) 226 kg
73 kg: 1. Jacob Weber (Union Lochen) 253 kg
81 kg: 1. Hmayak Misakyan (VÖEST Linz) 317 kg
He set a new ÖR of 152 kg in Snatch.
89 kg: 1. Dominik Chertov (Vösendorf) 302 kg
96 kg: 1. Elias Simburger (Barbell Trib Cross) 324 kg U2
102 kg: 1 Matthias Perik (North Vienna) 301 kg
109 kg: 1. Philip Forster (Kitty City Stockerau) 324 kg
+109 kg: 1. Sarkis Marirosjan (VÖEST Linz) 349 kg

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