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Courier is celebrating a big birthday this year. We're turning 70 – almost three decades of being a multimedia company: we've been digitized since 1996, and we've been producing online first for a long time. In 2019, a digital subscription to the extensively researched stories was introduced. Videos, newsletters, podcasts, a TV studio and social media complete our offer in addition to the classic newspaper.

We have now undergone a major relaunch of kurier.at. The online platform is very modern, clear, easy to use and reflects our various activities.

Smart Minds have been doing this for months: after all Karl OberascherHead of Audience Development Group, Head of Digital Titles Philip Wilhelm sowie Chief Product Officer Johanna Baumann Under the charge of Online Managing Director Martin Kaiger and current KURIER Managing Director Richard Crossl. Many thanks to the tech boss too Gerald Shittenhelm And his team Michael Leitner At the interface of editorial and technology.

And the way it works editorially: the entire team works on the online platform, and a separate news desk team of eleven people is primarily involved in digital work. A daily morning conference decides which story will be published online and when. In terms of content, we are setting new accents with the reboot, for example focusing more on the topic of “mental health,” because we know it's a topic of great concern to our readers.

In terms of media policy, the situation is difficult: there is an unequal playing field between public and advertising-funded ORF and private publishers. Your KURIER subscription ensures media diversity in the country. And we strive for reliable quality in our new online “guise”: up-to-date reporting, classification and entertainment.

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