When and where does it apply and how high is the penalty?

The announced event will take place on Saturday No weapons zone Inside Vienna favorites In practice, it applies from midnight to midnight.

From the starting point South-Tirol Place Zone runs in direction Reumannplatz.

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As can be read in regulation, weapons embargo zone Dangerous attacks against life, health or property. An arms embargo zone contains not only weapons, but also other things Dangerous goods Prohibited – meaning anything that involves the use of violence against people or things.

However, this does not mean a complete ban on weapons with dangerous objects entering the embargo zone – but the person wearing such an object must be present. Understandable And Legal reason Can claim for carriage. This means you need to prove that your job requires the item.

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who in area (Map can be found here) was still caught with a weapon, must 1,000 euro fine Pay. If you become a repeat offender, until 4.600 Euro due to.

The police allow the search

Police will be able to do so from Saturday, with a weapons embargo in effect Clothing Or Autos And Bags from passers-by There must be a specific reason for the search Doubt have

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Weapons Prohibition Zone at Bratterstern

Currently, the zone has until June 30 to apply, but may be extended, for example Bratterstern. It was in Leopoldstadt No weapons zone It was imposed in February 2019 and is still in force today. Events took place here till November last year 369 weapons were confiscatedIncluding 306 knives.

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The arms embargo zone has not been extended Danube Canal, which was founded in the same period. “Based on the Security Police Act it was determined that there was no longer any danger,” the Vienna police responded to the courier question.

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