Wiener inflicted Austria's first defeat in the WSG qualifying group

Vienna Austria suffered their first defeat in the qualifiers against WSG Tirol. Tomic scored the only goal of the evening with a penalty.

WSG avenged the defeat a few days ago.
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Three days after a 3-0 win against WSG Tirol, Vienna Austria failed to progress. Wimmer lost 0-1 (0-0) at Tyroleans on Tuesday, four rounds before the end of the Bundesliga qualifying group. Three points. On the other hand, WSG took a big step to stay in the league.

Qualifying Group – 28th Matchday

Thanks to Tomic's penalty, they are already ten points above bottom side Lustena, and a draw in the home game against Vorarlberg would be enough for the Tyroleans to secure a ticket to the top spot for the upcoming season. Austria suffered their first loss in the qualifiers for the first time in eleven games against WSG.

After about a five-minute break due to a restricted safety lane in the stands, the Viennese team launched a great opportunity, in which Gruber was annoyed by the outgoing WSG goalie Koli Stejskal and crossed the goal (6th). However, the home side survived the first purple spell of pressure on a rain-soaked track and played well after a quarter of an hour.

WSG sets pinpricks

The Tyroleans looked dangerous in Austria's penalty area several times, but couldn't get any good shots off early. Defensive WSG with its five-man chain benefited from the sluggishness of the Viennese attack at this point and continued to produce pinbricks like Bloom's low shot, in which Früchtl was actually challenged for the first time (32'). Shortly after, Buxa headed wide of goal (34th), and the Pole headed wide again a few minutes later (40th).

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At the start of the second half, the Austrian tested Bayern loanee Kradzik Stejskal from a tight angle (53') and the game didn't give a damn after that. Violet used her clear advantage very little, especially compared to the recent fight, where WSG failed to place any pinpricks.

The game was uneventful till the end. Austria were lucky not to concede an own goal (81') when there was a misunderstanding between Früchtl and Guenouche at the end, but they were really unlucky after a few shots. Gugganig hit defender Martins on the arm, and after a VAR review, referee Gijas awarded a penalty. Tomic used this confidently to set up the final score. In stoppage time, Gnoch saw red after an emergency stop against Sulzbacher in the opponent's half (93').

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