Wilimski “protects” the shilling in the first round of elephants.

Firstly The elephant round of the EU election campaign started with a surprise on Thursday evening. Right at the beginning pulse4-On the show, host Kundula Kezinger spoke about the cause of the Green candidate Lena Schilling “To keep them out of the debate”.

When asked about the current allegations, Schilling once again referred to the rumors and claims, his concern for his friend, and his message of “climate protection and anti-incitement.” The other leading candidates – Reinhold Lopatka (ÖVP), Andreas Scheider (SPÖ), Harald Wilimski (FPÖ) and Helmut Brandstätter (Neos) – declined to comment on the matter.

“Classic Wizard’s Kitchen”

Schilling later received surprising support from FPÖ candidate Wilimski, for whom the story “smells big”. The allegations have nothing to do with politics. He was also “too much” at first. At second glance, it looks “like a classic witch’s kitchen” to him.

It didn’t matter to him whether Schilling was respected by her friends or not. He wanted to discuss politics with candidate Schilling. “In this way, even if it’s surprising, I want to protect them a little bit.”

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