Winter chaos in Iowa before the first US primary election

Just before the start of the US primaries, severe winter weather hit Iowa – the state where Republicans will hold their first vote on their presidential nominee on Monday. The US Weather Service issued a severe weather warning this morning (local time) and advised against non-essential travel in the region.

A blizzard in the US Midwest has even brought parts of North American air traffic to a standstill. As of this morning (local time), 1,643 flights have been canceled and 1,238 have been delayed, according to data from the FlightAware website.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) had already warned of disruptions from storms, snow and clouds.

Many election campaign appointments were cancelled

Because of the weather warning, Republican candidate Nikki Haley and Republican candidate Ron DeSantis canceled campaign rallies. Former President Donald Trump, who is currently leading the polls among Republicans despite all the scandals, does not intend to make another appearance in Iowa until tomorrow and Sunday.

Anyone seeking the presidential nomination for both the Democratic and Republican parties must first win internal party votes in individual states. Actually the presidential election is in early November.

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