Winter service prepares for new snow


It will snow again in Vorarlberg this weekend. Winter services are already gearing up for snow removal, especially at higher elevations. For example, in Andelsbuch, farmers are responsible for cleaning municipal roads. You are always on call. ASFINAG is ready for fresh snow.

At Andelsbuch, the snow has long since melted since the beginning of December. It may snow again in the Bregenzerwald at the end of the week. Snow plow drivers are in starting blocks and equipment is assembled the day before. “Snow chains and snow plows are installed the day before, so that when it snows, all you have to do is tighten the chains on the tractor tires several times,” explains snow plow driver Johannes Bader.

Andelsbuch relies on grit instead of salt

Salt does not spread on Andelsbach's municipal roads; Sand is distributed here. After the snow is removed by the plow, the separator is used. He ensures that the roads are not slippery. “We use a very special mixture so that it binds well with the ice cream. The dust is also very important, so the grid lasts a long time,” explains Reinhard Barr from Winter Service in Andalsbach.

In Andelsbuch you need a lot of coarse crushed stone in winter. “We expect around 60 to 80 tonnes per winter,” says Helmut Hellbach, Andalsbuch construction site manager. That means four or five trucks. Sufficient material is in stock for the entire season.

Provisions for winter service

ASFINAG has stored about 3,700 tonnes of salt for winter

Highways agency ASFINAG has also taken precautionary measures. Stefan Siegele from ASFINAG says that snow removal on the A14 and S16 is carried out in cooperation with freight companies. A total of 20 vehicles are in use. ASFINAG has stored about 3,700 tonnes of salt for the current winter season. It corresponds to the long-term average.

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