Work – What does it mean today? | do | 02 05 2024 | 1:00 p.m

Between the home office and automation, 42-hour weeks, work-life balance and no-nonsense jobs: the way we all work has changed radically in recent years. Young people in particular have completely different ideas about how they want to live their lives and what importance work has in it. Meanwhile, digitization, automation and artificial intelligence are creating completely new conditions for everyone.

But: When is work really meaningful? Does it contribute to a better life, a better society, or is it a trade-off between wasted life and needed money?

An exhibition at the Jonnium Museum in Graz deals with the work between meaning-making and alienation and asks important questions. Philipp Blom talks to curator Katia Humer about artistic approaches to the topic and the place work has and takes in our society.

Join our conversation! What do you think about your job when you have a job? Are you doing something worthwhile or just working for money? Is work the only source of self-worth and happiness? How should she be then?

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