Worship host Peter Rapp turns 80

He has been a part of the Austrian television landscape for more than 60 years – Peter Raab, cult host and entertainer. His television career began in 1963 as a singer on the show “People of Today”. After that, television and stage shows were not long in coming. Appeared as a cabaret artist on “Teen Party” hosted by Willie Kralik. From 1968 to 1978 he hosted the youth pop show “Spotlight”, followed by such hits as “Hoppala,” “The Big Chance” and “Who Says A.”

No favorites in shows

“I enjoyed every broadcast,” Rob insisted. That is why he is not fond of the numerous shows he has directed and participated in. However, the youth music show “Spotlight” was very successful in terms of consistency as it became a cult show among musicians and youth alike.

In terms of viewership, “Hoppala” was a huge hit. 3.6 million people turned on their televisions. A number unimaginable today thanks to the internet and private channels. But his other shows also met with great interest among him and the audience. “I always wanted the last show to be a big hit,” Rob said in an interview.

Photo series with 10 images

Other major milestones in the career of the cult presenter are the “Preflows-Show”, the main evening show “Champion” and the relaunched ORF talent show “Die Cross Chance” in 2013. He was also the face of the “Licht ins Dunkel” gala in 2011, and two years later the rap was awarded the Romy as the most popular host in the “show” category, which is by no means the only prize.

Aired for a year

According to ORF anchor Andi Knoll, if you add up all the minutes of airtime Peter Robb has seen on television, that would be almost a year. Other calculations come to nearly 7,000 exports. “I have to keep records,” said Rob.

Rest is not in sight for him. Although things have quietened down a bit around the ORF star in recent years, he hasn't completely disappeared from the public eye. Saying goodbye to stage and camera is not an issue for now: “Pension is for employees, workers and civil servants. Artists never retire.

Peter Rapp – Like It Was Yesterday: 80 Years of Peter Rapp

For his birthday, Peter Robb is the focus of a new edition of his TV nostalgia show. So Johannes Hopp has selected a few pieces from over 100 projects.

ORF honors rap with anniversary broadcasts

ORF III will air three programs on Peter Raab on February 17. On the one hand, George Schutz's new production “Peter Rapp – The Eternal Showman” (8:15 p.m.). On the other hand, an episode of “Peter Rapp – Like It Was Yesterday” and a version of the musical night talk “Denk Mit Kultur”.

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