Zelenskyj: US and Ukraine are working on defense agreements

According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine and the United States have begun negotiations on a bilateral defense treaty. Zelensky announced this in his evening video message yesterday and spoke of a possible “exemplary” agreement. According to Zelensky, Kiev and Washington agreed to supply long-range missiles to the Ukrainian army.

In recent months, Ukraine has already concluded defense agreements with several NATO member states, including Germany, France and Great Britain. The agreements contained no guarantee of military assistance. But they are of great symbolic importance given the military, political and financial support for Ukraine in the coming years.

US offers long-range ATACMS missiles

Two days after the US House of Representatives approved billions in aid to Ukraine, Zelensky spoke by phone with US President Joe Biden.

Zelensky said after the conversation that Ukraine and the United States agreed to supply ATACMS missiles. Short-range missiles can travel up to 300 kilometers and, according to standard information, can significantly strengthen Ukraine's military capabilities. The US delivered ATACMS missiles to Ukraine for the first time last year – but so far only with a range of 165 kilometers.

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